Excellent piano tuner!

I'd like to recommend an excellent piano tuner - Linda Kay of "Accent on Tuning."  She's got over 30 years experience as a registered piano technician and charges reasonable rates.  She also does repairs, rebuilding, etc.  

Martha J, Piedmont, Ca

Fantastic Piano Tuning and Repair!!!

Linda Kay has been tuning and maintaining my piano for nearly a decade. She is both professional and approachable. I have watched her tune the finest Steinway for concerto performances with the precision and sensitivity required for the most exacting performer and audience and then seen her tune the somewhat worn school piano for an amateur performance with the same care and sensitivity. Regardless of piano, owner, or player, her work is always of the most exacting professional standards. She is reliable, responsive, and charges reasonable rates—the perfect combination for the perfect piano tuner!

Sally G, Berkeley

Linda Kaye has been tuning/maintaining my piano for over six years.  I would recommend her to any of my friends seeking piano service or repair.   I've always found her to be very competent, professional, and responsive with reasonable rates.

Frank E., Oakland Hills. 

Moving to the Bay Area from the East Coast where I had a blind man to tune my piano, because I was told they were the best piano tuner and being a former member of the Harlem Boy's Choir out of New York City and currently a member of the American Guild of Organists I have been in different arena's and I have a train ear for quality sound and look for that in a piano technician.  Linda Kay, is an exceptional piano technician and her work is always on point.  After using her for many years for my resident piano when I accepted the position to become the Minister of Music at Market Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church, located in Oakland California I called on Linda to tune the church piano's and we are very please with her skills.  Linda Kay is an individual who is customer focus and brings quality and excellent service along with 30 years experience as a registered piano technician and her rates are comfortable.

Lawrence S, Oakland

Brilliant piano tuner and repairperson!

I highly recommend Linda Kay to tune any piano.   She’ll travel a distance to get the piano tuned.

Walter S, Lafayette

Linda is a pleasure to have in my home working on my beloved piano.  I would recommend her (and have) without reservation.

(I would also say, but not in print, that you’re the most normal human being who tunes pianos that I’ve met—and I’ve had, all told, 3 other tuners in the last few years—albeit one of those is in Siskiyou County—all wacky.)

Catherine R.

I really appreciated Linda Kay's expert evaluation of two pianos I was considering purchasing.  It gave me great peace of mind, and was well worth paying for professional advice before purchasing an expensive instrument.  Once the piano had settled in my home, Linda tuned it beautifully.  I wasn't able to be home, so I left the key under my mat for her.  It's great to hire somebody that can be trusted to do a WONDERFUL job every time.  She's my piano technician for life!

Greta H.  Walnut Creek

Linda Kay has been my piano tuner since 2001.  I am a professional pianist, singer, songwriter, producer and piano instructor, and have no tolerance for a less than perfect piano.  My piano MUST match my electronic instruments in intonation, must be able to withstand the many hours of intense playing (both by my students and myself), must remain sensitive enough to accompany a wide variety of instrumentalists and vocalists (amateur and professional), and must maintain the fine Steinway action that I've grown to love and rely upon.  Linda has been consistent, thorough, professional, reasonably priced and friendly.  It is always a pleasure to have Linda tune my piano.


I'm not a professional, however, my piano is more than a piece of furniture. It gets routine care and restoration by a professional to maintain performance and  preserve value. The most capable, qualified, reasonable, and reliable technician I know (2 friends highly recommended her) is Linda Kay. Superior work and work ethic. 

Cary K.

"Accent on Tuning" piano tuner, Linda Kay, is an excellent, knowledgeable technician.  She has tuned our piano and the  "old" spinet sounded wonderful again.  It was a pleasure doing business with her. 

Judy L.

It's been my pleasure to have my piano tuned and maintained by Linda Kay for the past 7 years. Having a busy studio of opera singers, in addition to preparing music for my own performance schedule, requires a good piano that is well-maintained. I've found Linda's services to be outstanding. She is a first-class professional: reliable, honest, communicative, and helpful. I look forward to my continued business with her, and do not hesitate to recommend her to my students and colleagues.

Zachary G.

Linda Kay has has been working on my pianos since 2000. She has performed tuning annually on our Steinway upright and before that on our Stroud upright. On the Strond, she also reconditioned the action, reshaped the hammers, partially regulated  the action and repaired several chipped keys. I have been very happy with her work and would recommend her to anyone.

Victor B.

I had just moved from the Boston area to Oakland when I saw Linda's advertisement in the Rockridge Newsletter. I didn't know anyone in the area and was immediately impressed with her flexibility and ability to get here quickly. Moves are hard on pianos but Linda did an amazing job in that first year getting our piano to stabilize and get used to the unique climate here in the Bay Area. That was five years ago and Linda has been tuning for us ever since! I've met a number of piano tuners over the years and Linda is not only talented and efficient but wonderful to be around. I've never 'looked forward' to having my piano tuner come to my house the way I do with Linda! I also really appreciate the ways in which she makes taking care of my piano easy by initiating reminder postcards for the tunings, just one indication of the kind of service you can expect from her. I couldn't ask for more and highly recommend her services.

Kerry M., Oakland Hills

Linda Kay is a piano technician “par excellence!”

I found her advice to be honest, straightforward, to-the-point, in language that was understandable to someone unfamiliar with the intricacies of pianos and their inner workings.

It is obvious that she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field. Playing again became a joy with the improved “touch” that she gave to the keys through her additional work on the “piano guts.”

My piano sounded magnificent after she finished!!

Thank you, Linda!

Harry P, Oakland

Finally, my piano’s in tune!

I grew up in a 4-piano house, and took great tuning and maintenance for granted. When I inherited one of the pianos and it needed tuning, I chose a piano technician from the phone book, and cringed at the poor results. Later, I met Linda Kay of "Accent on Tuning,” and decided to try her out. The result was outstanding! Finally, the twang was gone, and I could enjoy playing again. She’s experienced, reliable, efficient, considerate, and personable, and I trust her completely with my piano!

Allison C, Walnut Creek

Linda Kay installed a special sort of softening device on my piano, and it works great! Operates with a lever; it’s perfect for my condo. Linda’s a great person, too, and a very dedicated musician in her own right. Thanks for your help, Linda!

Kathleen M, San Francisco

I have nothing but good things to say about Linda. She's a great piano tuner. I love the friendly reminders she sends when it's time for a tuning. She's always on time and all I have to do is let her in the door and then she takes it from there. I don't hesitate to leave the house while she's here. She always does a great job tuning. You can't go wrong!

Teri S, Piedmont

It was my lucky day when I found Linda Kay to tune my baby grand piano, which I treasure because it was beloved by my husband. Linda’s skills go beyond those of the technical. She is a true master of the needs and quality of the instrument. When she first came to care for the piano, she determined that its placement did not provide the optimal environment. She recommended a mover and gave instructions for the appropriate placement of the piano. Then she tuned the piano, and the resulting sound was heavenly! My piano loves her, and so do I! I would not dream of having anyone else touch it, and I look forward to each visit and her loving care of it.

Anita of Berkeley

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